5 More Tips to Bully Proof

Did you miss 5 Tips to Bully Proof Playtimes and Lunchtimes?

Support children in developing prosocial and conflict resolution skills

Given that the majority of bullying occurs at playtimes and lunchtimes, it is important that we teach social skills and conflict resolution in class so that children can then use these skills and techniques at playtime if necessary. This can be done through implementing weekly circle time sessions that teach prosocial skills, conflict resolution skills and assertiveness.

Stagger break times if necessary and possible

Identify bullying hot spots

Evaluate the current situation with staff, student and parent surveys. Conduct student interviews and have an anonymous reporting box.

Train up Playground PALS (Playground Activity Leaders)

As a preventative measure to bullying, setting up a Playground PALS system can encourage a safer, healthier and more active playtime; one that is harmonious and reduces the potential for minor disputes and bullying.

At Therese Hoyle Consultancies we help schools set up their Playground PALS schemes which can foster leadership
skills, boost self-confidence and self-esteem and create a positive ethos throughout the whole school community. See Edventure’s website blog “Playground PALS – Supporting happy and harmonious playtimes” (Autumn 2014) for
more information on how to set this up or contact Thérèse.

Improve the school grounds

Engage children and young people in helping to make the school grounds safer, more secure and a more easily supervised environment. This can be done by:

Competitions: A House/Year competition for good playground design is another way of involving pupils and finding out exactly what they want.

Zoning areas: So that football does not dominate the playground and marginalize other pupils’ activities, use Zone Signs to determine areas. Also consider the use of different textures or surfaces with different colours to emphasise zones and make sure the boundaries are clear.

Quiet areas: Consider landscaping, use of low walls with greenery with appropriate seating.

I really hope this article helps support you in creating an emotionally and physically safe playground environment.

Being bullied can be a painful and life lasting experience and we need to do all we can in our schools to safeguard our children.