Coaching Circles

Create Classrooms where Academic Excellence Thrives

Coaching Circles (previously Called Circle Time) is a whole-school wellbeing programme, which supports positive mental health and builds social, emotional and behavioural skills with children and adults.

More than ever, a child’s emotional development is considered a key factor in their educational success.

If you work with children, it is time to stop managing behaviour and to start creating an emotionally safe learning environment where academic excellence thrives.

Our emotions impact our readiness and ability to learn, feeling safe is vital within the school environment. A child who does not feel emotionally safe, valued or listened to, may enter the classroom feeling frustrated, angry, distracted or withdrawn, particularly when attempting to learn a new concept.

Equally a child who has too much on their mind, perhaps they are worried about the argument they saw their Mum and Dad have that morning; or they fell out with a friend yesterday and are worried they may not have anyone to play with at lunchtime; these worries, stressors, or anxieties contribute to children’s inability to engage in their learning.

Creating a safe learning environment is thus crucial to students achieving their full and true potential.

Training we offer

We offer a variety of Coaching Circle Training, including Inset Days and Working in School Days. We also offer Training in Early Years Settings, Corporate Sector and Training for Trainers.

An Introduction to Coaching Circles

1 Day Course for teachers, teaching assistants, mental health leads, school counsellors, community workers.

Coaching Circles  Outcomes:

  • Promote a whole school wellbeing programme, which supports positive mental health and builds social, emotional and behavioural skills with children and adults.
  • Deliver the PSHE Curriculum in a fun, easy and user-friendly way.
  • Enhance the resiliency, confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing of adults and children.
  • Run well well-structured Coaching Circle Time sessions using the C.I.R.C.L.E unique 6 stage process.
  • Develop a repertoire of games that build social, emotional and relationship skills.
  • Develop a whole school approach to enhancing values, based on the 4 R’s of – relationships, responsibility, resiliency and respect.
  • Develop communication and social skills that enhance co-operative, responsible, pro social behaviour.
  • Teach ways to resolve conflict through peaceful problem solving.
  • Combat bullying or aggressive behaviour through a whole school approach.
  • Offer insights into the influence of feelings on behaviour.
  • Providing effective strategies to support troubled and challenging children.
  • Boost and maintain staff energy levels.

Coaching Circle in Action Day

Building Socially and Emotionally Intelligent Young People

A great day without having to close the school. We come into your school during an ordinary day and work with staff in the classrooms and playground.

On this day we will:

  • Demonstrate Coaching Circles in three classes of your choice and all members of staff can be invited to observe.
  • Debrief after each Coaching Circle demonstration.
  • Feedback all the ideas from both children and staff to an end of day staff meeting. Or, even better have a follow-on PD Day.

All programmes are flexible in order to meet the needs of your school

“Therese you are truly inspirational. I was stunned by your skill and so was every single person who attended.

I know that finally I can develop a school that has emotionally literate children and staff who will have the skills, vocabulary and opportunity to indeed keep happy.

It was the best PD we have ever done -with full buy in from all staff.

I cannot thank you enough. ”

Marie Barrett, Headteacher, St John Bosco School

Therese Hoyle coaching circles
Therese Hoyle coaching circles

Stepping Stones Circle Time Programme for Early Years

This Stepping Stones Circle Time Programme makes each early year’s child feel special.

On this day you will get new ideas to:

Promote children’s personal, social and emotional development.

Develop speaking and listening skills.

Developing resiliency, emotional literacy and wellbeing.

These fabulous techniques will re-energise and re-inspire you and your early years team.


“The Flourishing Schools Programme helped change the culture in our school. The harder stuff is contained in a report tabled at a board of trustee meeting in March: exclusion have gone from eight to one in two years, while detention rates have halved. The number of serious cases requiring major intervention by the principal was 34 in the first term. Plummeting to just 11 for the whole of last year.”

Headteacher, Musselburgh Primary School. New Zealand

Therese Hoyle coaching circles
Therese Hoyle coaching circles

Download the Coaching Circles Leaflet Now

Download the Flourishing Schools Leaflet Now

What Children Say

“How much it helped”

“letting my feelings out”

“if you have a problem you can talk about it”

“sharing somebody else’s problems”

“During Coaching Circles, we learn how to help and be respectful of others and how to co-operate with them”

“we give ideas to each other about how to make friends”

“seeing that you have things in common”

“getting to tell people your problems and they listen”

“you can speak out and it won’t go anywhere else”

“I got the chance to talk about things that were really bothering me and I got help and support from my class mates, I feel so much better now like a big weight has been taken off my shoulders”

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Kudos and Raves for Therese’s Work

“It gets right back to the heart of good teaching, building relationships”

“Kids love The Coaching Circle Programme and niggling aspects of classroom behaviour have diminished.”

“This was a great session and really re-ignited our staff’s enthusiasm for Coaching Circles. Therese was very proactive in adapting her training to meet the needs of our staff who deliver Circle Time to adolescents with ASD. Everyone engaged with her fun and open approach.”

Grateley House School

“Therese was contracted to implement in nine South Dunedin schools the “Coaching Circle Programme” (Formally known as the “Turn a Round Circle Time Programme.”) This required her to work with and guide over 120 teachers and support staff in nine schools. She used a range of professional development presentations to support each school to embrace and fully implement the programme.
Some five years on, the work Therese did has had a huge impact on and influenced thousand of students in the wider Dunedin and Otago areas.
Therese is an outstanding presenter and facilitator. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert”

Whetu Cormick School Principal at Bathgate Park School

“I learnt and grew during those 2 days, thank you!”

Lynda Jenkinson Waerenga- O -Kuri School, Gisborne

“Great style, thank you for catering for our specific needs and goals.”

Margaret Stewart Marton

“This is the best professional development I’ve ever done.”

“The Coaching Circle Programme is spreading like a bush fire!”

“This is the best PD I have ever done. The day exceeded all expectations; everything was so relevant and down to earth. I feel inspired and uplifted and can’t wait to put all the ideas into practice in my classroom.”

Maggie Jefferies Masterton

“Therese was so positive and knowledgeable, so easy to listen to, calm and exciting at the same time. Loved the games and brain gym.”

Fiona Low Deputy Principal, Marton School

“Therese modelled Coaching Circles to us. She made the children feel comfortable and confident, was relaxed, encouraging and a very skilful questioner, great session. I can’t wait to implement it. Thank you for all the good ideas and the encouragement to start.”

Linda Penfold Clifton School, Bulls

“Fantastic facilitator, very enthusiastic and full of life. Great strategies that will work well in my classroom and will really help me as a beginning teacher.”

Heather Warren, Marton

“Therese was extremely open. We were able to feel relaxed with her approach. She made the children feel valued and confident. Fabulous.”

J. Whithouse

“Super effective instructions, with great role modeling. It was fabulous! The Coaching Circle demonstration was positive and friendly, demonstrating clearly the stages and strategies utilised in circle time. I appreciated all the new games I learnt and also watching how empowered the children were.”

Lori Wyczawsk Clifton School

“Awesome day, thank you so much. You met all our learning styles, were receptive to the audience, enjoyed our group and became part of it.”

Julie Rowe. South Makirikiri School