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Exploring the benefits of Circle Time and Positive Playtimes with Therese is simple and will help you:

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  • Uncover any hidden challenges and find a way round them
  • Identify the one simple step you can take to immediately create a more Positive Lunchtime and Playtime


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Therese Hoyle

Leading UK Coach, Circle Time & Positive Playtime Expert,
Best Selling Author of 101 Playground Games & 101 Wet Playtime Games

Therese Hoyle has over 25 years’ teaching experience in mainstream, special and tertiary education. She is the founder and Head Facilitator of Therese Hoyle Consultancies (previously The Success Partnership Limited). Since 1996 Therese has worked nationally and internationally with over 450 schools and organisations and with more than 14,500 individuals inspiring them with Positive Playtime, Circle Time, Positive Parenting, Positive Behaviour Management, Emotional Literacy and Leadership Coaching programmes.

Her work in schools has been featured in a UK DfES, BBC Anti Bullying Video (never released), the national press and New Zealand’s Education Gazette. She is a feature writer for Teacher’s Matter Magazine, Australasia and Edventure Playtime Resources Catalogue.

Therese Hoyle


Kudos & Raves for Therese’s Work

for Therese’s Circle Time:

With kind permission from Steph and Lauren from Yarm Primary School.

We found Therese’s day at school inspirational and motivating. Her style of working meant that everyone felt included and was able to actively participate, and leave feeling better informed, more confident, and ready for action! It was a great team-building day for all staff and helped everyone to work together with a greater understanding of our children’s’ daily needs.

We have initiated many of Therese’s Ideas already and children are reaping the benefits of more structured, cohesive play and lunch times.

I’m sure we’ll be in touch for further training! Regards

Pam Simpson Headteacher Kimpton, Thruxton and Fyfield C of E Primary School

Therese was contracted to implement in nine South Dunedin schools the “Flourishing Schools Programme” ( Formally known as the “Turn a Round Circle Time Programme.”) This required her to work with and guide over 120 teachers and support staff in nine schools. She used a range of professional development presentations to support each school to embrace and fully implement the programme.

Some five years on, the work Therese did has had a huge impact on and influenced thousand of students in the wider Dunedin and Otago areas.

Therese is an outstanding presenter and facilitator. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Whetu Cormick School principal at Bathgate Park School

This was a great session and really re-ignited our staff’s enthusiasm for Circle Time. Therese was very proactive in adapting her training to meet the needs of our staff who deliver Circle Time to adolescents with ASD. Everyone engaged with her fun and open approach.

Grateley house School – April 2009

This is the best PD I have ever done. The day exceeded all expectations; everything was so relevant and down to earth. I feel inspired and uplifted and can’t wait to put all the ideas into practice in my classroom.

Maggie Jefferies Masterton

I learnt and grew during those 2 days, thank you!”

Lynda Jenkinson Waerenga- O -Kuri School, Gisborne

Therese was so positive and knowledgeable, so easy to listen to, calm and exciting at the same time. Loved the games and brain gym.

Fiona Low Deputy Principal, Marton School

Great style, thank you for catering for our specific needs and goals.

Margaret Stewart Marton

Therese modeled a Circle Time to us. She made the children feel comfortable and confident, was relaxed , encouraging and a very skillful questioner, great session. I can’t wait to implement it. Thank you for all the good ideas and the encouragement to start.

Linda Penfold Clifton School, Bulls

Super effective instructions, with great role modeling. It was fabulous! The Circle Time demonstration was positive and friendly, demonstrating clearly the stages and strategies utilised in circle time. I apprecaited all the new games I learnt and also watching how empowered the children were.

Lori Wyczawsk Clifton School

Awesome day, thank you so much. You met all our learning styles, were receptive to the audience, enjoyed our group and became part of it.

Julie Rowe. South Makirikiri School

Fantastic facilitator, very enthusiastic and full of life. Great strategies that will work well in my classroom and will really help me as a beginning teacher.

Heather warren, Marton

Therese was extremely open. We were able to feel relaxed with her approach. She made the children feel valued and confident. Fabulous.

J. Whithouse

Therese’s Circle Time Project in Masterton schools and it’s successes were featured in New Zealand’s Education Gazette in June 2006 and as Frazer Mailman from Masterton Intermediate said:

Circle Time is spreading like a bush fire!

South Dunedin Cluster of nine Schools – Turn a Round Circle Time Project – 2006 -2009

for Therese’s Coaching:

I’d recommend Therese for anyone who wants to review their effectiveness as a leader and to refresh their skills. I found Therese to be affirming, reassuring yet challenging. With her coaching I have become more accepting of myself and recognise that some of my perceived weaknesses are in fact strengths. This has been very powerful and I now have strategies in place to help me change some negative self-beliefs. With her support I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and my needs and in doing so I have strengthened both my leadership and life skills.

Primary Headteacher Worcestershire, UK

I was working 12 hours a day. I never saw my friends or family, my bills weren’t getting paid and my health was starting to suffer. Coaching with Therese confirmed something had to change. It was great to talk to someone objective once a week and she helped me identify what I needed to do for a happier and more fulfilled life. Coaching is a process of self-discovery. It’s like being given a map so you can work out where you are going.

Extract from Shape Magazine. “Can you change your Life in 4 weeks?” Anne Marie PR Consultant

I’d recommend Therese Hoyle for anyone who wants to find their way forward in their work role. I realised I was unhappy and had not enjoyed my job for two years. This was not normal for me, I had a history of many years of successful, fulfilling, rewarding job roles. Therese first helped me see the bigger picture and understand the structures I was coping with, then understand myself and what I am good at and enjoy doing, finally working on my confidence to speak to people and make changes. I found it really easy to talk to Therese and the process gave me the opportunity to reflect. Therese encouraged me to set specific goals that were sometimes uncomfortable. It was an interesting journey and I am now doing my dream job, I’m now fulfilled and excited at work, the job involves a lot of creativity and networking which suits me really well.

Briony Williams, Project Lead Mental Health Strategy, University of Worcester

Therese’s advice, help and support have been a revelation to me. My business is a success and I now have the tools to ask for the fees I would like and, more importantly, attract the clients I would like to work with. I now value my work and have made the transition from an anxious freelancer to confident businesswoman.

Therese has also been an inspiration to me personally. I feel more able to cope with relationships, to ask for what I need and, more importantly, to recognise when to say “no”.

I very much enjoy my sessions with Therese; she is very warm and honest, has a great sense of humour and still remains professional and focussed. I feel I could talk to Therese about anything and after a call I always feel energised and raring to go. I highly recommend making this investment in yourself.

K. Wilson , Business owner of a design company

Thankyou Therese, I have come so far in the last year, you’ve given me the courage to believe in myself and my dreams and to reach for the stars. I am now working in a company and doing a job I had dreamt of, I also have doubled my income! Coaching has been the best investment I have ever made in myself.

Danielle Liebervitz

Thank you for such a wonderful training day. Everyone seems on a permanent high since they attended; compared with the lethargy and negativity they presented with prior to attending. We’ll be calling you back in for another energy injection in the spring. Thank you, so much.

Alison Gordon, Social Services Manager, London UK Course run: Raising the energy and morale of staff

I started coaching with Therese at a time when I had very little direction or motivation, despite having a great job, income, friends and lifestyle. Her supportive yet challenging questions and reflections allowed me to identify the things that drive me and that need to be present in my life in order for me to feel satisfied. With her direction and encouragement, I have been able to prioritise these things and achieve a personal and professional balance which allows me to live an authentic life, true to who I am but open to change and growth.

Perhaps the biggest achievement has been my recent marriage! Therese worked with me on identifying my standards in relationships and developing the confidence to believe I have the right to expect those standards. Just 12 months on from the start of our coaching relationship, I have married the man who meets all of those standards and provides me with the relationship I have always aspired to. It’s only through the journey with Therese that I have come to know myself enough to commit to a life partner. Therese’s personal mentoring and professional supervision have been pivotal in establishing the opportunities that I now have before me…the possibility of a life less ordinary and really extraordinary!

Morag McCleod, Resource Manager Kelston Deaf School, New Zealand

‘When my daughter came to see Therese, she was feeling really sad at school. She was struggling with exam stress, friendship issues and peer pressures causing worries and anxieties like she had never experienced before. From her first meeting with Therese, she felt relaxed and comfortable talking about her problems. After listening to her issues, Therese suggested I make contact with the school. After explaining the challenges to the school, they put support systems in place to help. This was immediately effective and after 6 sessions with Therese, my daughters confidence had increased, she had a wider and better circle of friends and a toolkit of ideas to use when school is challenging. She no longer needs the support systems at school and feels much better and more able to cope with any challenges she faces. Therese is really easy to talk to, very encouraging and a fantastic support. I would recommend Therese to any child struggling with anxieties at school.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


for Therese’s Positive Playtimes:

Therese you are truly inspirational. I was stunned by your skills and so was every single person who attended. It was the best Professional Development we have ever done – with full buy in from all staff. I cannot thank you enough.

Marie Barrett, St John Bosco School

Therese Hoyle delivered high quality, structured sessions tailor-made to the needs of our school. She worked with teachers, support staff, midday supervisors and pupils to create a shared emphasis on positive playtime experiences for all children. The training has energised staff who are now more actively engaged in developing creative and harmonious playtimes and utilising equipment and skills. The children responded very positively and with the introduction of our playtime council to foster and lead inclusive, active games, are working hard at playing well.

Jill Watson. Head teacher, Lent Rise Primary School

Very knowledgeable ? full of good ideas. Inspirational and wonderfully positive.

Culloden Primary, London

We found Therese’s day at school inspirational and motivating. Her style of working meant that everyone felt included and was able to actively participate, and leave feeling better informed, more confident, and ready for action! It was a great team-building day for all staff and helped everyone to work together with a greater understanding of our children’s’ daily needs.

We have initiated many of Therese’s Ideas already and children are reaping the benefits of more structured, cohesive play and lunch times.

I’m sure we’ll be in touch for further training! Regards

Pam Simpson Headteacher Kimpton, Thruxton and Fyfield C of E Primary School