Flourishing Leaders Coaching Programme

"Coaching turns problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities and opportunities into gifts." — Albert Einstein

Are you achieving your highest potential?

Are you?

  • A successful, executive who feels like you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your life and career?
  • Fed up with juggling everything and often feel overwhelmed?
  • Under increasing pressure to perform, even though you now have less time and fewer resources?
  • Coping with constant change which is starting to make you feel less and less effective and impacting results?
  • Sacrificing your relationships and well-being for your job?

My clients often tell me they need a rudder coach to help them navigate life’s stormy waters.

I work with successful, brilliant, aspirational people who are operating in challenging times. They are accomplished, clever, purposeful, committed and frequently have a goal to make a difference in the wider world.

If this sounds like you then my Flourishing Leaders Coaching Programme is for you. It’s designed to help you develop to your highest potential.

The programme can focus on a range of common issues, such as the following:

  • Leadership Development
  • Incredible Wellbeing
  • Identify your needs – biological and psychological, which help you be the best version of yourself.
  • Vision, Values and Goal Setting
  • Life Purpose
  • Self Confidence
  • Resolving Conflict 
  • Staff and Relationships
  • Dynamic Communication 

And any other issues you particularly want us to focus on and address.

What are the benefits?

  • Clarity about your and the organisations values, vison and direction
  • Increased appreciation of your true strengths
  • An opportunity to step back and address your and the business development needs
  • Have someone to act as a sounding board 
  • Develop new found confidence and self-belief

How can we work together?

As your coach I’ll identify the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

Though be aware my clients often end up getting so much more than they’d hoped for.

As my client Heidi Blakeway (Director, The Fruitful Toolbox) explains:

“With the support of Therese, I achieved my objectives, and such a lot more! Therese helped me to identify and develop my life purpose, which was one of my top priorities, but as part of this process, we worked together to identify and clarity my needs and values and how to build my life around these. This programme has been life changing and my learnings will remain with me forever. Therese is an outstanding coach, the best I have ever worked with.”

Timescale: This programme takes place over six to nine months.
Assessments to support you:
I use a range of assessments to support my clients including DiSC, The Needs Awareness Programme, Tru Values and VIA Character Strengths Inventory. We’ll discuss the best ones to support you on your journey to self-awareness.

Get in touch today to discover how we might work together.

Leaders who love the work they do and live a life they love, make a difference to everyone around them.


How I coach my clients

Coaching Testimonials

“Thank you, Therese, I have come so far in the last year, you’ve given me the courage to believe in myself and my dreams and to reach for the stars. I am now working in a company, doing a job I had dreamt of and have doubled my salary! Coaching has been the best investment I have ever made in myself.”

Danielle Leon
Head of PR Capita Company

“When I accessed coaching, with Therese Hoyle, I was exhausted, juggling leadership and class teaching and ready to resign as a Headteacher.
I now take much better care of myself and am so much more resilient. I know now how to replenish and recharge and value taking time to do this.
I have increased my confidence in my leadership skills and practice and have developed my own leadership style which I now feel comfortable with no longer feeling like an ‘impostor’ trying to be someone I’m not.
Thank you, Therese the last nine months of our coaching journey. I now have renewed educational vitality, greater self-awareness and self-management skills, better problem-solving skills and am enjoying my Headship again.”

Alison Hawkins Headteacher

“When I first joined the Leadership coaching programme with Therese Hoyle, I was at a very low point. I was tired and almost at the point of burn out. I knew I loved my job but was in a place where I did not want to go to work. My challenges felt like monsters and I felt like I was weak, vulnerable and at the very end of myself. With support from Therese I was able to climb out of the dark pit and realise I was more than capable to do my job. She has helped me to be more reflective and kinder to myself.
Through coaching she has helped me see clearly the options open to me and things became much less daunting. She has taught me the value of listening and careful questioning. This means I now have my health, wellbeing and ‘mojo’ back much to the delight of my family and colleagues. I am a more effective leader as I can look in detail at how I might approach issues in the future. Coaching is something I now have in my toolkit to help myself and others. I can now look forward to a future in headship which I never thought possible.

Meeting you and embarking on Coaching has changed my life and saved my career. I cannot thank you enough for the time and thought you have put into it.”

Alex Norton, Headteacher

“I’d recommend Therese Hoyle for anyone who wants to find their way forward in their work role. I realised I was unhappy and had not enjoyed my job for two years. This was not normal for me, I had a history of many years of successful, fulfilling, rewarding job roles. Therese first helped me see the bigger picture and understand the structures I was coping with, then understand myself and what I am good at and enjoy doing, finally working on my confidence to speak to people and make changes. I found it really easy to talk to Therese and the process gave me the opportunity to reflect. Therese encouraged me to set specific goals that were sometimes uncomfortable. It was an interesting journey and I am now doing my dream job, I’m now fulfilled and excited at work, the job involves a lot of creativity and networking which suits me really well.”

Briony Williams
Project Lead Mental Health Strategy, University of Worcester

“I’d recommend Therese for anyone who wants to review their effectiveness as a leader and to refresh their skills. I found Therese to be affirming, reassuring yet challenging. With her coaching I have become more accepting of myself and recognise that some of my perceived weaknesses are in fact strengths.
This has been very powerful and I now have strategies in place to help me change some negative self-beliefs. With her support I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and my needs and in doing so I have strengthened both my leadership and life skills.”

Jan Evans
Primary Headteacher, Worcestershire, UK

“I started coaching with Therese at a time when I had very little direction or motivation, despite having a great job, income, friends and lifestyle. Her supportive yet challenging questions and reflections allowed me to identify the things that drive me and that need to be present in my life in order for me to feel satisfied. With her direction and encouragement, I have been able to prioritise these things and achieve a personal and professional balance which allows me to live an authentic life, true to who I am but open to change and growth.
Perhaps the biggest achievement has been my recent marriage! Therese worked with me on identifying my standards in relationships and developing the confidence to believe I have the right to expect those standards. Just 12 months on from the start of our coaching relationship, I have married the man who meets all of those standards and provides me with the relationship I have always aspired to. It’s only through the journey with Therese that I have come to know myself enough to commit to a life partner. Therese’s personal mentoring and professional supervision have been pivotal in establishing the opportunities that I now have before me…the possibility of a life less ordinary and really extraordinary!”

Morag McCleod
Resource Manager, Kelston Deaf School, New Zealand