Thérèse Hoyle’s

Flourishing Schools Programme level I and II

These ideas can be used to inspire the way forward to a more positive and supportive school.

All programmes are flexible in order to meet the needs of your school.

Flourishing Schools Programme Level I


Creating safe and nurturing environments where educational achievement flourishes.

This day is an introduction to the Flourishing Schools Programme, an inspiring whole school wellbeing programme, which addresses problem behaviour, builds social and emotional skills and teaches children and adults to be more tolerant, friendly and kind. It is a chance for you to invite all your staff and wider school community to an inspiring day.

You’ll learn how to:

✓ Enhance the resiliency, confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing of adults and children.

✓ Run well-structured Coaching Circle sessions using the Coaching Circle unique 6 stage process.

✓ Develop a repertoire of games that build social, emotional and relationship skills.

✓ Develop a whole school approach to enhancing values, based on the 4 R’s of – relationships, responsibility, resiliency and respect.

✓ Develop communication and social skills that enhance co-operative, responsible, pro social behaviour.

✓ Teach ways to resolve conflict through peaceful problem solving.

✓ Combat bullying or aggressive behaviour through a whole school approach.

✓ Offer insights into the influence of feelings on behaviour.

✓ Provide effective strategies to support troubled and challenging children.

✓ Boost and maintain staff energy levels.

✓ Deliver the PHSE, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Curriculum in a fun, easy and user friendly way and the new statutory guidance for Relationships Education.

Flourishing Schools Programme Level II

A great day without having to close the school. We come into your school during an ordinary school day and work with staff in the classroom and in the playground.

An exciting extension day for those who already have some Coaching Circle skills and want to build on these or refresh their current systems.

You will:

 Deepen and extend the knowledge and strategies you already have.

 Learn new creative games and exercises to make your Coaching Circles more exciting.

 Observe Coaching Circles in Action in a class of your choice.

✓ Observe the children at lunchtimes and run a “Powerfully Positive Playtimes” programme with the headteacher or a senior leader, and lunchtime supervisors in the afternoon.

✓ Feedback all the ideas from both children and staff to an end of day staff meeting. Or, even better have a follow on PD Day.


“The Flourishing Schools Programme helped change the culture in our school. The harder stuff is contained in a report tabled at a board of trustee meeting in March: exclusions have gone from eight to one in two years, while detention rates have halved. The number of serious cases requiring major intervention by the principal was 34 in the first term. Plummeting to just 11 for the whole of last year.”

Headteacher, Musselburgh Primary School. New Zealand.

“We found Thérèse’s day at school inspirational and motivating. Her style of working meant that everyone felt included and was able to actively participate, and leave feeling better informed, more confident, and ready for action! It was a great team-building day for all staff and helped everyone to work together with a greater understanding of our own and children’s’ daily needs.”

Pam Simpson Headteacher Kimpton, Thruxton and Fyfield C of E Primary School

I’m Therese Hoyle and have been running Social, Emotional and Mental Health Whole School Programmes for over 25 years and have spent the last 20 years developing and refining my Flourishing Schools Programme, so that schools get the very best training available. I’m also author of two books 101 Playground Games and 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities and contributing author of How to be Peaceful School.

I believe that Flourishing Schools needs to be a whole school way, so training is offered to all staff – children, teachers, leadership team, lunchtime supervisors, midday meal supervisors (MDSA’s), admin team, caretaker, governors and anyone else interested.

When you book training with Therese Hoyle Consultancies you get Therese as your trainer, with her 25 years’ experience, not an employee.

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