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Download the FREE Playground Games Toolkit with 10 Activities for Fun In and Outside the Classroom 

Inside you’ll find;

  • Equipment FREE games
  • Games suitable for indoors & outdoors
  • Easy to run, stimulating activities and games that can
    be quickly organised at short notice.
  • Creative ideas to support you in organising wet play.
Traditional Playtimes Games Cover


Keep pupils entertained during playtime whatever the weather with the Primary Playtime Toolkit. Suitable for children ages 4-11, this Toolkit contains 10 activities that can be used with pupils in and outside the classroom.

Download the Playground Games Toolkit 2 with activities taken from 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities by Thérèse Hoyle to find out more.

This is a truly amazing book, full of games to engage and inspire the children and lunchtime team to have a happy and enjoyable playtime!

This is a great book with some wonderful games and activities to entertain and inspire children during a wet playtime.