UK Schools Playground Games


What To Do

This is a fun game to play and creates lots of merriment and laughter. Someone is chosen to be ‘on’ from among the players and the aim of the game is for the other players to fire questions at him.

These should be personal questions about school, holidays, favourite activities, names of teachers, anything to do with himself in fact. To every question the chosen person has to answer; ‘sausages’.

So the game goes something like this:

Question: ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ Question: ‘What do you call your bike?’ Question: ‘What’s your brother’s name?’

Answer: ‘Sausages’ Answer: ‘Sausages’ Answer: ‘Sausages’

The chosen person has to keep a perfectly straight face throughout the game however ridiculous the answer sounds. Any giggle, any smile, any rolling on the floor in fits of laughter, the person is out and a new person is chosen. Of course there is nothing to pre- vent all the others players from laughing and giggling as much as they like – it just makes the game so much more difficult for the person who can only say sausages.


Players are not to interrupt or help the player who is ‘on’.

VARIATIONS: Players say, ‘grannies green undies’ instead of sausages.