Playground Game of the Week UK

I hope you enjoyed my GOW (Game of the Week) – Big Fish Small Fish, last week and got to introduce it to your children.

The games I’m sending you each week can be played at playtimes, in Circle Time and PE.

I was in London last week playing games with children, lunchtime supervisors and teachers as part of my Positive Playtime Programme.  I had a photographer taking photos of each session and what struck me was how happy everyone looked!

One of the Mid Day Meal Supervisors (MDSA’s) commented ‘Playing games reminds me of how much fun you can have at playtime and of the games I used to play.

So this week I have another surprise Gift for You  and just in case you didn’t read or get my newsletter last week, this is a bit more about it!

  • Do your children struggle with knowing how and what to play?
  • Are you worried that children don’t seem to know the games we used to play?
  • Are you regularly looking for new games to teach your children?

I have the solution.

Therese Hoyle’s Game of the week (GOW).

I’ve had this idea for so long that I wanted to develop a product that meant every Monday morning a new, fresh and exciting game would land in your e mail inbox.

You’d then print it out, laminate it and teach the game to your children.

By the end of the year the children in your school would have built a bank of 52 or 39 (the number of weeks in the school year) known games!

Game of the Week was originally developed by myself at the cost of £47 per annum for schools.

Today I’m sending you week 2 of my special gift of Game of the Week annual subscription free, as part of my weekly newsletter series.

Download your free game

I hope you, your children and staff enjoy the games over the year.

Look out for next weeks news letter –  Respect – How to help lunchtime supervisors feel valued and supported and of course another free game.

Have a play filled week

With kind regards,