What to Do

All players learn the symbols and their meanings:

• Paper = a hand held flat. Paper covers rock, paper wins.
• Scissors = Two fingers, slightly open. Scissors cut paper, scissors win.
• Rock = a closed fist. Rock breaks scissors, rock wins.

Divide the players into two teams. Each team huddles in their safety zone at opposite ends of the hall and secretly decides on the symbol they will throw at the other team. The teams move to the middle of the hall and stand facing each other across a centre line.

All players chant, ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock,’ and then throw their team’s symbol. If both teams throw the same symbol, teams need to re-huddle and decide on another symbol. The team that throws the winning symbol chases the other team and tries to tag them before they reach their safety zone.

Players that are tagged, change to the other team. The game ends when all the players are on one team.


For safety reasons this game needs to be played in a hall. Before playing, decide on the pace or play, pairing and safe tagging.

VARIATIONS: This game can also be played with just two players as a game of just Paper, Scissors, Rock. Children often use this game to select who is going to be ‘on’ in a game.