Keys to Wellbeing


In the current climate of multiple demands, high pressure and stress, energy levels are constantly overdrawn. It is difficult to keep giving to others, staff and children if you aren’t looking after yourself. This workshop will explore ways to enhance the quality and balance of your personal and professional life.


  • To explore practical ways to raise energy and staff morale
  • To collaboratively work together and empower staff
  • To raise staff self esteem
  • To improve staff wellbeing

During this workshop participants will:

  • Learn about the latest finding in neuroscience and the keys to wellbeing
  • Gain increased understanding of where energy comes from, how to raise it and how to maintain it      
  • Recognise draining situations and learn how to eliminate them
  • Understand the benefits of using mindfulness as a daily practise
  • Create clear, self-care, action plans that that support you in creating health,  vitality and a positive mindset

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What others have said about this workshop

“I left the day feeling energised and empowered”

Danielle Leon

 “The day was incredibly powerful, it helped me identify what is important in my life”

Ron Wennerstein

“Thank you for such a wonderful training day. Everyone seems on a permanent high since they attended; compared with the lethargy and negativity they presented before. We’ll be calling you back in for another energy injection in the spring. Thank you, so much.”

Alison Gordon, Social Services Manager