Lunchtime Supervisor Training

Creating Harmonious Lunchtimes and Positive Playtimes

Are you frustrated because…

  • Your lunchtime supervisors and midday meal supervisors aren’t playing with your children?
  • They’re stood around chatting while the children are in an unsafe environment?
  • They’re there to nurture but can sometimes escalate situations?
  • They’re perhaps lacking the skills and confidence to create a happy playground?

Maybe it’s time to book in training with a professional who can support your lunchtime supervisors in becoming the playground superheroes the children need them to be.

That’s where I come in

With my Lunchtime Supervisor Superhero training

The training includes how to:

  • Create happier and safer lunchtimes and playtimes.
  • Help the whole school promote a positive lunchtime and playtime policy.
  • Adopt proactive strategies to tackle bullying.
  • Develop effective positive behaviour management systems.
  • Play and not police!
  • Re-energise and make playtime more positive through creative play.
  • Re inspire staff and children with new and traditional playground games.
  • Establish or re–energise the Positive Playground Activity Leaders (PPALS) System.
  • Create calm dining halls.
  • Create Zoned Activity Areas.
  • Build respect for your lunchtime supervisors.
  • Have clear understanding of their role.
  • Enhance morale and team spirit.
  • Improve Wet Play.
  • Provide ideas to support our most challenging children at playtime.

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Kudos and Raves for the Lunchtime Supervisor Superhero Training

“Very enjoyable, with great ideas. I’m excited to get going. Thank you to Therese, the fun lady, who was our trainer!”

“The entire day has been positively edifying, not to mention brilliant. I am more motivated to introduce different games in the playground.”

“Fun and full of energy, reminded me of my own childhood games. “

“Interesting to hear about game of the week, craze of the week and involving lonely children.”

“I feel I’ve learnt how important playground interaction is and how we all need to be involved playing with the children. “

“Powerful course and eye opener for positivity in the playground. “

“I am now confident to introduce new games and strategies in the playground at playtime and lunchtime. I really liked the positive behaviour management systems and the idea of activity zones and Playground PALS. “

“Helped to reinforce how positive language can help with children’s development. “

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