Lessons I learnt working at the British International School Cairo

  1. Kindness cost nothing and means everything. The people in Cairo were unbelievably kind to us on our trip, from being picked up at the airport, taken out to lunch and dinner, to organizing a trip out to see the pyramids of Giza and Sakkara. I loved working with the team at the British international school because they made my trip so easy. We also felt that everyone we met throughout our trip including the hotel staff, guide, our driver, restaurant staff, sales assistants were all so friendly. I would highly recommend Cairo and Egypt to anyone who hasn’t been there.

Jonathan the assistant Head of the British international School, Cairo and his wife Lauren a phase leader and teacher at BISC, were so kind and hospitable on our trip.  They couldn’t have looked after us more.  Here’s a picture of us having dinner with the views of Cairo below.

2. It’s hot and in Egypt and they have hot play not wet playtimes.

Here’s a picture of Therese Hoyle’s Positive Playground rules up for the start of term.

3. We need more education on creating a healthy school lunchbox – Some children even in private schools don’t have enough in their lunchboxes or healthy food.  A lot more education is needed in what to put in a school packed lunchbox for some parents, families and nannies/childminders.

4. On my training days I ask, ‘what worries you about playtimes and lunchtimes?’  the answers are similar in most schools.

5. Inset days can be great fun! On my training days we play lots of games as well as learn how to create happier playtimes and lunchtimes.

6. The needs of international students are the same as anywhere. To feel loved, to be included, to feel valued, for friendship, to achieve.

A photo of the Circle Time in Action day where the teachers and support staff got to see me model circle time with the children.

7. Football often dominates the playground.  One of the staff members from the British International school, remarked ‘I didn’t know children could play anything other than football at lunchtime.’ She was so happy to know that there are so many different opportunities for play and loved the ideas of craze of the week, playground games zone, quiet zone, performance area, Imaginative play zone, construction zone and a football pitch!

8. Working with parents on my Whole School Positive Playtime Masterclass was so beneficial and supported them with being positive parents.  The parents listened so intently to all I shared about behaviour and play and immediately after the workshop they contacted the assistant head Jonathan, the pastoral lead to say they were going to fundraise for equipment and get the stage and performance zone built.

Parents feedback

  • Thank you very much, amazing ideas, targeted many problems.
  • I absolutely loved it so enlightening, and really helped me a lot.
  • I find it very useful to me as a mum. The content can be extremely useful if used by the school.
  • Useful information, inspiring creative. Thank you. Thank you for coming and sharing with us.
  • Amazing, productive, clear and to the point.
  • Great session! Very informative, can’t wait to see it all implemented in school.
  • Very happy that BiSC Cairo is investing in this initiative.

9. Working in Cairo meant Rob (my partner) and myself had the opportunity to visit the amazing sights, including the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and Sakkara pyramids, The Saladin Citadel of Cairo and the Cairo museum with the ornate and stunning Tutankhamen exhibition, plus the wonderful market of Khan el-Khalili.

10. The British International school launched the Positive Playtime Programme in the assembly which meant that children were informed about the changes happening

11. They also informed all the parents about the Positive Playtime programme in a newsletter.

This is a little snip it from it.

Next week marks the beginning of our new positive play initiative. BISC has invested in resources and training to improve the playtime provisions that we provide for children. The focus is on developing a more stimulating yet calmer playground with a range of activities being on offer for pupils to enjoy.

During the first week of school, teachers, parents and pupils all enjoyed sessions with our visiting Behaviour Consultant, Therese Hoyle.

Please see some of the feedback received from parents;

-Great session! Very informative, can’t wait to see it all implemented in school.
-Thank you very much, amazing ideas, targeted many problems.
-Very happy that BiSC Cairo is investing in this initiative.

-Amazing, productive, clear and to the point.
-I absolutely loved it so enlightening, and really helped me a lot.
Useful information, inspiring creative. Thank you.

Playtimes will enjoy a fresh new craze each week, together with the reintroduction of traditional playground games and quiet areas for activities such as reading. Pupil Playground Activity Leaders (PALS) have received training and will have responsibility for organising playground equipment, leading play activities and acting as a role model for other pupils.

No Hat No Play!

Please ensure your children bring a hat and water bottle to ensure that they are able to enjoy their playtimes.

12. If you get the chance to visit Cairo do, we loved it.  Here are a few more photos of our trip.