If this is you, then I’m here to help you. I support primary schools to dramatically improve the quality of day-to-day play times and lunchtimes, with a consequent beneficial impact on lunchtime behaviour, engagement, learning, social, emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing. In fact some of my schools have seen their serious behavioural problems completely disappear!

Many schools I work with are struggling with:

  • Poor behaviour at playtimes, l unchtimes and in the dining hall
  • A high number of accidents in the playground?
  • Lack of things for children to do
  • Some children who don’t seem to know how to play.
  • Lunchtime supervisors who are standing around chatting and not playing with the children.
  • Lunchtime supervisors who are lacking skills and confidence?
  • Dining Hall which are chaotic, noisy and unstructured? 
  • Loss of teaching and learning time in the afternoon because of problems at lunchtime.

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Create lunchtimes and playtimes where children play happily and harmoniously
  • Have lunchtime superhero supervisors who engage and play games with your children
  • Play a variety of new and traditional playground games.
  • Establish or re–energise the Playground Activity Leaders (PALS) System.
  • Create Zoned Activity Areas.
  • Develop effective positive behaviour management systems.
  • Improve Wet Play
  • Create calm dining halls.
  • Provide ideas to support our most challenging children at playtime.
  • Develop a positive and effective lunchtime and playtime policy.
Training we offer

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You can choose from a one to three-day training package for your school, or if you require a more personalised package, we can create bespoke training that is more suitable to your requirements and/or budget.

Our results show that when you get it right you have happier children, teachers, midday supervisors, lunchtime supervisors and parents!

Powerfully Positive Playtime Master Class

Our most popular training option. We come into your school over two
to three days and work with your children and whole school team.

How to be a Lunchtime Supervisor Superhero Workshop

This is a half or one day workshop for lunchtime supervisors which can
take place during a normal school day or as an INSET training day.

Traditional Playground Games Workshop

Traditional playground games have historically been handed down from generation
to generation. Sadly they are disappearing fast. Our cross-curricular workshops
are aimed at teaching children these games and re-inspiring your staff.

Re-Energise Your Lunchtimes and Playtimes – a tailor-made training package

For schools that already have a programme in place and are looking to re-inspire staff and children. A bespoke service, where we listen to your needs, the outcomes you desire and tailor a programme specifically for your school.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call to find out how I can help you

I’m Therese Hoyle and have been running Social, Emotional and Mental Health Whole School Programmes for over 25 years and have spent the last 20 years developing and refining my Positive Playtime Programmes, so that schools get the very best training programme available. I’m also author of two books 101 Playground Games and 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities.

I believe that Positive Playtimes need to be a whole school way and so training is offered to all staff – lunchtime supervisors, midday meal supervisors (MDSA’s), children, teachers, leadership team, admin team, caretaker, governors and anyone else interested.

When you book training with Therese Hoyle Consultancies you get Therese as your trainer, with her 25 years’ experience, not an employee.

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