Powerfully Positive Playtime Master Class

Powerfully Positive Playtime Master Class

Our most popular training option

Our Powerfully Positive Playtime Master Class is our most popular training option. We come into your school over two to three days and work with your children and whole school team.

  • Learn about the P.L.A.Y.E.R. Model™ to create a safe, secure and playful outdoor learning environment.
  • Complete a whole school audit of lunchtimes and playtimes.
  • Work with your lunchtime supervisors enhancing their morale and team spirit and developing a toolkit of ideas that will enhance and enrich playtimes.
  • Work with the children to discover what they enjoy and what challenges them at playtimes.
  • Teach and play a variety of new and traditional playground games.
  • Establish or re-energise the Playground Activity Leader’s (PALS) system and/or Peer Mediators.
  • Develop effective playtime positive behaviour management systems and provide support with proactive strategies to tackle bullying.
  • Learn how to run a well-structured circle time session using our unique 6 step process, which teaches pro social skills and ways to resolve conflict through peaceful problem solving.
  • Create Zoned Activity Areas.
  • Improve Wet Play.
  • Create calm dining hall.
  • Bring everything together at the end of the day in a staff meeting, which will inspire teaching staff, giving them a toolkit of ideas and way forward.

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Kudos and Raves for the Powerfully Positive Playtime Master Class

“Therese you are truly inspirational. I was stunned by your skills and so was every single person who attended. It was the best Professional Development we have ever done – with full buy in from all staff. I cannot thank you enough.”

Marie Barrett

St John Bosco School, New Zealand

“We found Therese’s day at school inspirational and motivating.
Her style of working meant that everyone felt included and was able to actively participate, and leave feeling better informed, more confident, and ready for action!

It was a great team-building day for all staff and helped everyone to work together with a greater understanding of our children’s’ daily needs.

We have initiated many of Therese’s ideas already and children are reaping the benefits of more structured, cohesive play and lunch times.

I’m sure we’ll be in touch for further training!”

Pam Simpson 

Headteacher, Kimpton, Thruxton and Fyfield C of E Primary School

“Therese Hoyle delivered high quality, structured sessions tailor-made to the needs of our school.
She worked with teachers, support staff, midday supervisors and pupils to create a shared emphasis on positive playtime experiences for all children.

The training has energised staff who are now more actively engaged in developing creative and harmonious playtimes and utilising equipment and skills.

The children responded very positively and with the introduction of our playtime council to foster and lead inclusive, active games, are working hard at playing well.”

Jill Watson
Head teacher, Lent Rise Primary School

“The biggest impact of our training with Therese Hoyle has been the sense of pride and purpose, feeling of being valued and ownership our MSA’s have taken with what goes on at lunchtimes. They are now more motivated, engaged in playing games with the children, have set up zoned activity areas and Playtime PALS.

As a result the children are being more tolerant, friendly and kind to one another which has led to a marked reduction in incidents of poor behaviour at lunchtimes and fewer first aid incidents.”

Natalie Rankin
Deputy Head, Ark Blacklands Hastings

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