PALS, Circle Time and Support

Are you struggling with?

  • Bullying and bad behaviour at playtimes?
  • Losing valuable learning time sorting out playtime disputes when children come back into the classroom?
  • Children who don’t know how to play?
  • Lunchtime supervisors who aren’t engaging with the children?

Therese Hoyle’s Positive Playtimes

The Programme is a whole school approach that supports children in being more tolerant, friendly and kind. Getting your behaviour management systems sorted at the start of term is essential to providing children with a secure, bully free environment that fosters happy, calm and peaceful playtimes.

Circle Time to foster positive relationships and develop social skills

On my Positive Playtimes Masterclass I run circle time sessions with the children and the school staff observe. The aim of these sessions is for me to find out what is going well at playtimes and the behaviours children are struggling with.

Circle time helps develop conflict resolution, communication and social skills. I suggest to schools that there is an ongoing time table of circle time and that it is held once a week at a set time.

The start of the year is an important time to establish your behavioural systems with regards to playtimes.

“The children are more settled and are busy and more cooperative. The playground is a positive place with Playground PALS, Games, Craze of the Week, Positive Play and a Friendship Stop. We have a happier, more settled playground and as a result, happier more settled children, with a significant decrease in detentions from poor behaviour at playtimes. We highly recommend this programme.” ~ Principal, Musselburgh Primary School.