Therese has created some wonderful lunchtime and playtime resources and behaviour management tools to help inspire schools, Midday Supervisors, Lunchtime Supervisors and children to play harmoniously at lunchtimes and playtimes.


Positive Playtimes

Create Positive Playtimes with our Resources

  • Traditional Playtimes Games Cover

    10 Free Playground Games

  • School Dining Room Checklist from Therese Hoyle

    Dining Room Improvement Checklist

  • Guide to Constructing a Playtime Behaviour Policy

  • Playground PAL Tabards Pack of 4

  • Playtime Audit / Checklist from Therese Hoyle

    Playtime Audit

  • Playtime Reward Pads

  • Positive Playtime Rewards

    Playtime Reward Stickers

  • Playtime Sanction Pads

  • Playtime Star Award Certificate

  • Restorative Practices Lanyard Image

  • Restorative Practices Worksheet



Therese is the author of two books: 101 Playground Games and 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities and contributing author of How to be Peaceful School.
Therese Hoyle books

Therese Hoyle’s Best-selling book: 101 Playground Games

The school playground plays a crucial role in developing all aspects of children’s behaviour and interpersonal learning, and yet there is a growing awareness that children today do not play in the same sociable ways as previous generations. 101 Playground Games recognises the importance of children’s experiences in the school playground and provides a practical toolkit of ideas to promote lively and enjoyable games.
It draws on traditional games and also introduces a wealth of new ones including: Chasing and catching games Skipping games and rhymes Singing and dancing games Parachute games Quiet games Circle games Co-operative games Games from around the world. This comprehensive collection provides clear instructions for adults on how to organise the games and is a resource that will make any playtime a richer experience for all.

A4, spiral bound 186 pages with CD-Rom ( printable from CD Rom)


Therese Hoyle’s 101 Wet Playtime Games & Activities

Picture this, you are a busy classroom teacher, it’s almost lunchtime on a Tuesday and it has started to pour with torrential rain. If your school has a wet playtime policy then everyone in the school will be clear about the procedures, your wet play box will be organised and children will have a stimulating, rewarding playtime experience. However, if you are like a lot of schools across the country you will be scrambling around trying to find activities to entertain the children or you will have just discovered your wet play box needs replenishing!
The problem with wet playtimes is that they happen haphazardly, we never know when they are going to occur and often we are completely unprepared. The aim of this book is to make sure you are prepared and that you have a wealth of ideas up your sleeve.
Through intensive research, the author gathered feedback from teachers, children, lunchtime supervisors, parents and classroom assistants and discovered that you wanted a book that is inspiring, user-friendly, and packed with activities, games and ideas that are easy to implement.
To make it as easy as possible to use, it includes lots of copiable activities and ideas that support schools in creating a wet playtime policy that will lead to happier playtimes.


How to Be a Peaceful School

Peace is needed now more than ever in schools, by pupils and teachers alike. This inspiring guide provides primary, secondary and special schools with practical methods to improve pupil and teacher wellbeing, combat bullying, and promote peace both inside and outside the school gates. Therese Hoyle is a contributing author of this book and her exciting chapter ‘Peaceful Playtimes,’ is jam-packed with ideas and advice to transform your lunchtimes and playtimes.