101 Wet Playground Games & Activities Book by Therese Hoyle

Therese Hoyle’s 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities


101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities by Therese Hoyle

101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities by Therese Hoyle

Picture this, you are a busy classroom teacher, it’s almost lunchtime on a Tuesday and it has started to pour with torrential rain. If your school has a wet playtime policy then everyone in the school will be clear about the procedures, your wet play box will be organised and children will have a stimulating, rewarding playtime experience. However, if you are like a lot of schools across the country you will be scrambling around trying to find activities to entertain the children or you will have just discovered your wet play box needs replenishing!

The problem with wet playtimes is that they happen haphazardly, we never know when they are going to occur and often we are completely unprepared. The aim of this book is to make sure you are prepared and that you have a wealth of ideas up your sleeve.

Through intensive research, the author gathered feedback from teachers, children, lunchtime supervisors, parents and classroom assistants and discovered that you wanted a book that is inspiring, user friendly, and packed with activities, games and ideas that are easy to implement.

To make it as easy as possible to use, it includes lots of copiable activities and ideas that support schools in creating a wet playtime policy that will lead to happier playtimes.

It includes the following:

  • Easy to run, stimulating activities and games that can be quickly organised at short notice.
  • A selection of copiable resources that can be quickly printed off the CD-ROM or photocopied from the book.
  • Ideas to help implement a wet playtime policy.
  • Creative ideas to support you in organising wet play.
  • Structures for behaviour management at wet playtimes including rewards and encouragers to celebrate children who play well.
  • Suggestions for wet play activity boxes and lots of creative ideas for your wet play themed boxes.

So here it is, jam packed with creative ideas, activities, games and activity pages to make those rainy days rainbow filled. Have fun and remember, ‘Play is regarded as essential to life long learning, creativity and wellbeing,’ Wood (2007).

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There are many benefits for children in using this book and running an organised wet playtime programme which may include:

  • children playing cooperatively in organised spaces
  • happy, entertained children, who are not bored and running around in corridors
  • opportunities for socialising and building social skills
  • strengthening and development of friendships
  • increased emotional wellbeing
  • improved cognitive development
  • increased resilience
  • team work and camaraderie
  • fun and joy
  • the promotion of children’s development, learning, imagination, creativity, independence and interdependence
  • stress reduction
  • language development
  • the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • the development of confidence and self-esteem

Summary of contents

The book and accompanying CD-ROM are intended to provide you with a toolkit of ideas that support children, lunchtime supervisors, teachers, classroom assistants, parents, play leaders, after school clubs, youth and church groups and indeed anyone involved in the organisation of a wet playtime. It includes games that are great for letting off steam and activities that encourage creativity, the development of thinking skills, social skills and emotional wellbeing. Many of the activities link into other curriculum areas, such as Circle Time, art and technology, maths, literacy, the thinking curriculum and so on.

You could try using some of the thinking games activities with gifted and talented pupils or when supply teaching. You could also use the circle and parachute games as part of your PHSE and SEAL curriculum. Both of these include games that are ideal for your class Circle Time. You will find that many of the games can be played anywhere from a classroom or school hall to outside when the rain ceases.

So although this is largely a wet playtime book, be flexible and have fun with the activities and please do use this as a cross curricular resource, embracing the opportunity to bring play and learning together.

Chapter breakdown

There are 101 games to choose from (each and every one is fully researched and field tested). The games and activities are divided up into two sections which include:

1. Wet Play Activity Boxes
This section focuses on the creation of the three themed activity boxes and is packed with creative ideas and copiable resources to support teachers and lunchtime supervisors in keeping children entertained during wet playtimes.

Thinking Games
Paper Play and Technology Challenges
Quiz and Puzzle Activities

2. Active Games

This section is filled with a selection of active games for playing in the classroom or hall.

Circle Games
Parachute Games
Active Games for Letting Off Steam
Singing, Rhymes and Dancing Games
You will find that most of the activities and games can be organised in the classroom whilst the games under the heading Active Games can be played in the hall. Each game is specifically marked with the age range, ideal number of players required and equipment needed and what to do.

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